Why Worrying about Shaky Bow Just Makes Things

Health Promotion for Musicians
January 10, 2019

The summer after my sophomore year in college, I flew to Jerusalem to meet some old friends, with whom I’d be participating in a chamber music boot camp of sorts. An intense couple weeks of daily master classes with musicians like Isaac Stern – and many others whom I never imagined I’d ever had the opportunity to meet.

Naturally, I wanted to make a good impression. But I was pretty intimidated by their presence and the level of the other students there. I felt like a total imposter. As if I had somehow lucked into a situation that I didn’t deserve to be in.

It was probably the longest sustained period of pressure that I’d ever experienced. So maybe it’s not surprising that about a week into the workshop, in a performance on live national radio…I suddenly had an episode of the shaky bow.